what to expect when you attend our church

  1. Our Sunday church service lasts from 10-11:30am. Wednesday service commonly known as our "hour of power," goes from 7-8:00pm. Children and youth services are held for each service. 

  2. People always ask "what should I wear?" You should wear what you feel most comfortable in. To give you some perspective,  about half of our church wears jeans, others are business casual with a few suit and ties mixed in. 

  3.  The first half of our service is lead by The Tribe of Judah, our contemporary praise band. You'll experience open worship with modern songs, hands lifted high and even people coming to the front to praise.

  4. The second half of our service is lead by our Pastor, Don Adkins who is a teaching pastor preaching directly from the bible. He always delivers a message to help stretch your faith and grow in your walk with God. 

  5. You can always find an usher, someone at our Guest Central desk or any volunteer that is wearing a white lanyard if you have any questions or concerns before, during or after service.